Edison NJ is centrally located providing easy access to many large Jewish communities and work opportunities. It is less than an hour to Lakewood, Passaic and Brooklyn, and one hour to Monsey. The NJ Transit Train runs from Edison to Manhattan and the ride is under an hour. Its central location has made Edison a prime choice for convention centers and large companies like Johnson and Johnson and others providing additional job opportunities locally. Rutgers University is 4 minutes from Edison. Highland Park and Edison are two contiguous townships which are actually one community. 


The Frum community of Edison consists of over two thousand families and is rapidly growing. Many young couples and families are moving in every year making Edison a young, vibrant, growing community. The community has institutions and families which run the full gamut of the orthodox spectrum.



Edison boasts a robust infrastructure and wide range of institutions. There are six large Shuls, two elementary schools, a girls' Bais Yaakov, a Boys' Yeshiva, a Kollel, Mikvah, Eiruv, Kosher restaurants and supermarket, and a Maimonodies Kiruv program on the Rutgers campus. Edison has all of the amenities of a large orthodox city with an out-of-town feel where there is still a close knit feeling of community and opportunity to contribute to the growth and character of the community