Leading the program will be Rav Reuven Billowitz. Rabbi Billowitz learned by Reb Dovid Soloveitchik and in the Brisker kollel for eight years. He currently learns in the Edison Community kollel and gives numerous shiurim in the community. He has taught in Ohr Sameach Monsey, Edison Yeshivah and the Maimonides program at Rutgers University.

Rabbi Billowitz


The transitional stage for a Baal Tshuva from Yeshiva in Israel to a secular work/schooling environment is crucially important and presents unique challenges and opportunities. How successfully a student navigates this stage will determine the character and success of the next most important stages of life: marriage and family. The vision of the program is to help students both materially and spiritually navigate this stage and create the basis for a successful life with a healthy balance of work, family, and spiritual growth. The combination of a warm environment with other like-minded students, a strong learning schedule, a growth oriented relationship with a Rebbi, job networking and mentoring, and a vibrant dynamic Frum community will be the features of the program which will enable the students to successfully navigate this transition.