The program is for Baalei Tshuva who are returning from Yeshiva and are planning on pursuing job/school opportunities. The program is designed to help students transition from Yeshiva life in Israel to a working environment in America while still maintain a strong learning schedule and vibrant spiritual growth. The program will provide housing, job networking and mentoring, strong learning sedarim, as well as hadracha in learning, shidduchim, and personal growth. It will also afford the students an excellent opportunity to integrate in to a great Frum community and form relationships with some of the outstanding families that live there.


The schedule of the program is designed to accommodate students who will be working or finishing schooling and still want to continue growth in learning and personal development. The schedule will be set up around the work schedule and will include an early morning Shacharis and a robust night seder in the evening. The night seder limud will be hilchos Shabbos with an emphasis on understanding the concepts of the melachos and will start from the Gemara and include contemporary issues and Tshuvos. There will also be personal growth va'adim, chumash shiur and warm Shabbotons with Onegs, guest speakers, and Melaveh Malkahs. Individual hadracha on personal growth, shiduchim, and other areas will be available. Additional learning opportunities will be available on a case by case basis.


Housing will be provided for the students at no charge. A small tuition fee will apply. The housing will be in the Frum community and allow students to integrate in to the community.


A group of successful baalei batim in several fields will be available to help students network and mentor them in their career path.


A nominal tuition fee of $50 a month will apply.